This is not just a war between Israel and Hamas. This is a war for Israel's survival against forces who seek its complete destruction.  This is an attack on the entire Jewish people, and the West. 

IDSF is advancing national security objectives that will save lives and end the war.

IDSF is advocating for Israel's needs on Israeli and international media.

IDSF is providing resources to the most vulnerable parts of Israel.

Please join us in defending Israel.

Help Israel win this war.

Your support will save lives.  

Donations are tax exempt in Israel, the US, Canada, and the UK. 

Wire transfers can be directed to:

The Central Fund of Israel
Account #: 1503426427 Bank: Signature Bank
Bank Address: 923 Broadway Woodmere, NY 11598
ABA Bank Routing #: 026013576
SWIFT Code (international wires): SIGNUS33

(Please mark your donation for IDSF Habithonistim, and send us a message so we know to anticipate your donation.)

Checks can be addressed and sent to:

Central Fund of Israel
C/o Jmark Interiors Inc.
461 Central Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

(Please write IDSF Habithonistim in the memo, and send us a message so we know to anticipate your donation.)


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IDSF is an authoritative movement of 30,000 reserve officers who believe that strong national security priorities and staunch Zionism are necessary for Israel to be the eternal homeland of the Jewish people.